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  • "I have trained and worked very closely with Rod several times over the last 12 or so months. Personally he has coached and mentored me when we were both training for our NLP diploma. He was a fantastic mentor always there with great advice Either via email or normally on the phone. He back up his great mentoring skills with challenging coaching sessions." Stephen Reilly, SWS Coaching UK
  • "Rod is a great coach. He is a very inspiring coach and person, which is a good characteristic of an master coach. He made me think about different things in life. That means that he taught me that I should never stop questioning myself. He is very positive and enthusiastic. He believes that everyone has the power to learn. During his teaching, he applies 'up to the date teaching methods' which I also find it very significant. I leaned a lot from him. Even today, when I am not his student any more, he has got time to help me if I needed it." Klaudija M. Macedonia
  • "Rod has shown excellent presentation skills providing the positive feedback from the audience. Beside on the level of training implementation I have good experience in cooperation with Professor Rod in organizing event in South East European University like projects , conferences ,seminars and training's . He is good manager with strong leadership and sales skills especially he has excellent mentoring skills for marketing, advertising, to prepare and conduct presentations." Pranvera Imeri - Office of the President of Macedonia
  • "I have been a client of Rod’s over the last few months and am extremely satisfied with his coaching expertise. He brings a depth of business development experience to his coaching and transferred that knowledge effortlessly to our working relationship. Rod is organized and thorough in working through options and actions in helping me develop my business from the ground up. I would highly recommend Rod and both a coach and business consultant." Pam Penner, British Columbia, Canada
  • "I  found Rod personable, supportive, and innovative. He was always available to encourage and brainstorm for creative ways to reach my students, many of whom spoke very little English. Rod proved himself to be resourceful and knowledgeable in all things related to EFL education and indeed personal management.. I ended up staying in Taiwan as a public school teacher for seven more years, in large part because of the initial camaraderie and intuitive leadership Rod provided me in my first days as a foreign teacher. Rod's sessions gave me the power to change my life." Jaci M. Formerly Ministry of Education in Taiwan now University English Teacher in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • "Rod Beau has a heart for coaching and people development that is rare in this world. His passion for serving, educating and equipping others in business, adult education, and in youth arena's is absolutely infectious. In working with Rod as a Master Trainer for Recalibrate Professional Development's values-based leadership offerings, I have found a partner who can take a powerful tactile training instrument and help other executive coaches, trainer, facilitators and learning professionals explode their business to the next level. His understanding and caring for people is at the core of his success. I am privileged to have him on board. If you want to grow your coaching or training practice in the UK or EU, I give Rod my highest recommendations!" Tom Schulte
  • "I had coaching with Rod and was really impressed by the way he quickly got to the heart of the issues and helped me establish a way to move forward. Using a timeline approach, Rod encouraged me to think about what I wanted to achieve in my business, and then set markers on the time line for what needed to be accomplished by when, in order for me to achieve that goal. Rod was supportive and encouraging, yet also challenged my thinking to take it to a deeper level. I accomplished my goals ahead of time and achieved other goals that I'd struggled with, by adopting his practical timeline approach. Many thanks for your help, Rod." Kim Fleet Coach for writers and owner of 'The Coaching Loft,' United Kingdom.
  • "One of the things i admire about Rod, is his self-confidence. Whatever task he is given he ensures that it is a success. While he was our adviser at Utilita Business and Economy Magazine, during that time we have shown a significant progress on what we do, thanks to Rod. Also i must say that Rod is very good at his motivational speeches and i always remember them." Gent Q. Editor and founder of Utilita Business Magazine
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